Continuum: 4 Steps to Getting Unstuck

By Aparna Nagesh 
be (stuck) in a rut
To become seemingly trapped or stuck in a mundane, non-changing pattern of life, work, and/or personal behavior.
When a car’s tyres get stuck in sand, it can be hard to get out of.
We gun the engines, revving it, until the engine is screaming loudly, spewing out sand from the spinning tyres, but no luck; the car doesn’t move. In fact, most times, it sinks just a little bit deeper into the rut.
Sometimes, this happens to us in life. We keep fighting the good fight and one fine day, we wake up and realize that somehow, we got sucked into this sandpit, and no matter how much we rev our engines, we only sink deeper into the rut. It doesn’t matter if we toed the line, and did what was expected of us, or we rebelled and followed our dreams and passions. Getting stuck in a rut is a real, life thing, and it happens to EVERY SINGLE PERSON.
Some people don’t realize it at all, and manage to complete their drive through life, even though it’s possible that they may have been sinking instead of swimming. I am truly envious of those people. For you see, the moment you realize you are stuck you don’t want to stay there anymore. So, you struggle and push and keep revving. Most people who drive cars know that the best way to get your car out of sand is to call a tow truck that just yank you out of the rut and propel you forward.
Realistically, this doesn’t happen very often though. Because there’s usually a couple of people around who are ready to help. So, there are a couple of tried and tested methods. The old heave ho where you lift the car out of the rut. The placing of a plank under tyre and driving over it. Digging through the sand. All the above.
I find that with the help of a few good hands, some sweaty digging, some heavy lifting of the baggage that IS us, some shoulders, advice and support we can lift and drive forward.
Isn’t it fascinating, that getting new insights, seeing the same thing in a new way, changing our attitudes, moving forward, all of these things just require a change in movement. Not going from static to dynamic necessarily, but just a different kind of movement. Just rethinking how we are moving, gives us a fresh perspective on getting unstuck.
4 steps to getting unstuck:
Step 1 – Pause (Stop revving your engines)
Step 2 - Repetitive movement that yields results (dig deeper)
Step 3 - Reaching your maximum range of motion (heave-ho and lift)
Step 4 – Bend your knees and jump (Place the plank, take a deep breath and drive forward)
So about step 4 :Bending your knees before you go into a jump gives you more height than trying to jump with your legs straight. In dance, we say plie (bending the knees) before you jump.
Applicable to life, don’t you think?

Aparna Nagesh is a versatile dance professional with over 21 years of training, teaching and performance experience. After a 12 year stint with a commercial dance company, during which time she trained extensively in numerous dance styles such as Jazz, Ballet technique, Street, Latin & Contemporary forms, she pursued higher studies in dance and vocal technique at Broadway Dance Centre, New York and graduated with a Certificate of Excellence. Currently, she runs a performing arts institute in Chennai, Madras Dance Arts, a one of its kind, all inclusive training, teaching and performance venue in dance, theatre, vocal technique and related courses of study. She is also the artistic director of High Kicks – dance ensemble, a unique contemporary dance theatre performance group, comprised entirely of young women, who perform globally with their repertoire of work. Aparna acts and choreographs for film and digital mediums and is a motivational speaker. She believes in utilising the arts to enrich quality of life, sensitivity and a better world around her. She also teaches movement for people with special needs and has been the recipient of numerous awards.