What do creative activities do for your children and you?

By Gaya

How often do we as adults challenge ourselves? How often do we use our potential to the fullest?

I’m sure most have us are thinking of the last time we have done something challenging, and thinking to ourselves how long ago that was. Our children on the other hand do this everyday! 

They are pushing their boundaries and trying new things without the fear of failure. The fear  of something we pick through many experiences on this journey we call life. And to be honest, we are desperately trying to unlearn it as we become parents or start a new job or when we are confronted with any kind of change.

Creativity is a term used so loosely these days, sometimes I wonder if people really believe what they are saying. Creativity is a large umbrella that covers, problem solving skills, out of the box thinking, experimenting and most importantly dealing with ambiguity. 

Of course, these are all concepts that can be broken down to various levels. Coming to our children and how we can help them channelize their energy into having fun with something new and when they play it is a sure way that they are learning.

Art is such a powerful tool for self expression. Give your child some paints, some paper and space, you will see a little artist at work busy making wonderful works of art. The mess is part of the exploratory process, this is how a child comes to explore and understand their surroundings, and giving them paints, crayons, glue and paper are the tools allowing them to express and explore themselves their capacities and their surroundings.

This exploratory journey will give rise to so many areas that they have not connected with either socially or environmentally speaking. This is critical to their learning spurts and their general well being, gone are the times where children were to be seen and not heard, and slowly the times are changing from the child dictatorship to a more balanced parenting, where both parent and child have a mutual respect for each other.

The real question to begin and continue this journey of exploration is: Can we give them a safe space to do so?

About the author:
Gaya is an artist, educator and entrepreneur. She has lived and worked in France and India and is currently located in Denver, USA. Her work primarily revolves around art, language and learning focusing on children under the age of 10. Gaya is currently working on a short guide for parents, and caregivers with respective to children, creativity and its impact on them and a series of paintings named after what she thinks is our most precious element in our ever changing world - Water.