How can we be more implied in our children’s creativity?

By Gaya

As a parent or caregiver, helping your child with creative activities is a great way to find relief from the mundane routine of everyday life. 

Art is a powerful tool for self expression. As we express ourselves we can try to be more communicative and attentive to our children and their needs. By just unwinding we can promote sentiments such as empathy, appreciation, sharing, expression of each others individuality and even develop a way to give and receive feedback. This in turn will allow us to reflect on ourselves and have our little ones do the same.

Creative projects like a mural at home, a puzzle, or making simple decorations for occasions and festivals, will allow their minds to conceptualize an idea, which is the beginning of many wonderful qualities like confidence and perseverance as they see their ideas coming to form and then to completion. This will allow their minds and skills to grow along with fueling their imagination to take more challenging endeavors in the future. All in all you will have the makings of a child that will be growing up to be a  well rounded individual.
In our modern world we are constantly bombarded with sounds and images more than our brain can process in a day! These saturations on the senses can cause a decline in a young child’s imagination and visual perception of the understanding of their immediate environment.

Since digital technology is here to stay, we should try more to bring it into our lives as a tool to enhance our conceptualizing skills and make an attempt to exploit it in aid of ours and children's innovative thinking.

Children in our ever growing and competitive world need a balance of both working individually and collaboratively to engage in the creative process that will ensure them varied perspective.

About the author:
Gaya is an artist, educator and entrepreneur. She has lived and worked in France and India and is currently located in Denver, USA. Her work primarily revolves around art, language and learning focusing on children under the age of 10. Gaya is currently working on a short guide for parents, and caregivers with respective to children, creativity and its impact on them and a series of paintings named after what she thinks is our most precious element in our ever changing world - Water.