Ahimsa Reads: Books from Tale Weavers

Stories play a powerful role in shaping children's perspectives about themselves, others or the world we live in. Be it reinforcing the ideals of femininity or masculinity that princes and princesses possess or creating a situation where every damsel in distress needs a man to save her, stories for centuries have continued to influence the young minds. And it is no surprise when we hear our girls expressing their love for pink or our boys expressing their desire to be strong, as they internalize these traits through these powerful narratives. Tale Weavers creates parallel narratives that not only challenge stereotypes but also help empower children with different life skills. ​

Step into Tale Weavers' world of stories where simple conversations, colorful illustrations, and powerful characters help break the stereotypes and create an inclusive learning space which is free of bias- be it gender, religion, race, nationality or ethnicity.

The stories listed here are free to read online. In this list, we share our favourites from Tale Weavers' collection.

The Princess with a Skateboard: What does the Princess do when her Skateboard breaks?
Kabir the Scotch-hopper: Little Kabir makes friends with a clever little game of his own.
Menstroo: Kaya and Kabir learn about menstruation through a clever little chat. 
The Little Chef: Krish discovers that he can be and do anything he wants! 
No-Run-Tell: Kaya and Kabir learn how to stay safe.