Play for Peace

Whether you're trying to imbibe values and themes of peace yourself, or are trying to get your children to internalize this message, these games are going to help you work your way around it. Inclusive, child-friendly, teen-friendly and open to all ages, genders, races and communities that are willing and open to learning, these games are for everyone. You could print them out, or use a laptop to play a few of these games. We would also love your feedback on these games, and perhaps hear from your experiences of playing them!

Guess Who
If you've played the conventional game of Guess Who, this won't be too difficult to learn. But, the difference is that the board and the cards are filled with diverse people - not just people belonging to one race! Let's see if you can Guess Who!

Snakes and Ladders / Chutes and Ladders
Who wants to roll the dice and climb down the snake, when they can be happily climbing up the ladder? Hold your guns though - this game is not as simple as landing on a snake or a ladder - it's about landing on an exclusive or an inclusive policy / action. If you land on one that's discriminatory and exclusive, the snake will bring you down. If you land on an inclusive and equality-driven one, climb up that ladder and how! 

No words. No actions. Just pictures. A picture can be worth a thousand words, indeed - but let's see how many words this game's pictures might be worth! [You will need to source a dice, a couple of coins, a timer / stop watch and some drawing supplies for this one]

No words. Just actions. Actions speak louder than words, and it's time to make those actions louder and louder. Act out the words, wait for your fellow players to try and guess, and follow it up with a discussion on the words! [You will need to source a dice for this one, and maybe a timer if you like]

How good is your memory? How easily can you remember where you saw what last? Rustle up those gray cells and check if you can match the word cards with their definitions! Make it tougher by turning the stopwatch on, and go through the entire deck in three minutes!
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